We like to think of the clamp as the accessory that makes your final product unique and original.

That is why we produce shoe and leather goods clamps in zamak, plastic, rubber, acrylic and polyester.

Our offerings include men's and women's clamps, classic, chain, smooth and decorated.

We also produce an infinite range of colours and patterns: from simple pastel colours to glossy, matt, pearl or glitter finishes. Other effects are wood, marble, tortoiseshell and spotted effects.


These are applications in zamak, plastic, polyester and acrylic, with rivet or flap. They depict animals (dog, cat), geometric shapes (cube, rectangle, cone, square, pyramid, sphere), flowers and edelweiss, in western, Tyrolean and ethnic styles.


We produce rings in infinite shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle and trapezoid. We produce them in zamak, iron, plastic, acrylic and polyester for footwear (comfort, sports and technical), clothing and backpacks.


Our catalogue includes many accessories that serve as straps and fasteners for your fabrics and leathers. Our top products include loops, joining rings and ornaments, which can be customized or with crystal strass in zamak, plastic, acrylic and polyester. .


The garment and footwear sectors require tips and knot covers in zamak and iron. Be inspired by our accessories to make your ballerinas and fashion accessories unique.


Mimec produces lucky charms in zamak to personalize and embellish. Areas of application are leather goods, costume jewelry and footwear design. The available subjects are animals, tree of life, lucky angel, star and heart, nut, flowers and much more. Ask for the catalogue to discover them all.


At Mimec you can find a wide selection of zamak pendants in the most varied shapes and figures. Starfish pendant, graduation pendant, heart pendant, Tyrolean-style pendant and marine style pendant. They are intended for the production of gadgets and souvenirs, clothing accessories for pets and the equestrian sector, as well as the production of wedding favours.


Our accessories sector also includes loops, tips, zipper pullers, slides and fashion accessories in zamak, iron, plastic, polyester and acrylic that meet a wide range of requirements. Small but important components that enhance your products.

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